We would like to thank the MUG community for putting together these great PDF’s for learning game mechanics.  These will provide our members for a good basic understanding of some of the World of Tanks game mechanics. We encourage all Combined Arms Warfare members that play World of Tanks to read these to help refine our knowledge.  Although these documents provide excellent information, some of the mechanics may be altered by Wargaming after these PDF’s were released, and clans may do things slightly different because of this.

Light Tank BasicsView PDF
Medium Tank BasicsView PDF
Heavy Tank BasicsView PDF
Tank Destroyer BasicsView PDF
Arty BasicsView PDF
Arty SafetyView PDF
ShootingView PDF
Angling & SidescrapingView PDF
Situational AwarenessView PDF
Hull-downView PDF
Use of TerrainView PDF
Camo & SpottingView PDF
Close CombatView PDF
AutoloadersView PDF
Team TacticsView PDF
PlatooningView PDF
Peek-a-BoomView PDF
Circling & Counter CirclingView PDF
Basic Field CommandingView PDF