Mark Your Calendars!- October 28th – 9PM Eastern – Clan -UO- Halloween Bash

Join all of the -UO- clan member in celebrating Halloween and enjoying some unique battles in a chance to win FREE gold, premium time, or premium tanks.  Starting at 9pm Eastern on Oct, 28th we will be doing events in a training room with winners in each round. For further information contact a -UO- officer.

Current Prize Pool:

3 Winners x 1250 Gold
2 Winners x 14 Days Premium Time
1 Winner x 3000 Gold
1 Winner x Type 64 Premium Tank
1 Winner x T-44-100 Premium Tank

For further information on this event please ask a clan officer. For those that wish to help dontate to the prize pool or pick up the tab on one of the prizes listed above please let 08 know. Good Luck and Good Hunting